Medspa Marketing Strategies

Startups and Small Business Owners
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Lay the foundation for an excellent online medspa marketing strategy.


You should have these in place at a minimum to get found online and convert leads. Once these are working, then you can expand into additional strategies.

An Optimized Website

Google Map Listing

Social Media

Data Tracking

Email Marketing

Medspa Marketing Startup Strategies


These are the minimum requirements for a website.

Professional Looking

or else no one will want to call or submit a form.

Load Quickly in Browsers

or else people will click off to a competitor site.

Mobile Friendly

or else you will have trouble converting visitors to leads since at least half of your web visitors will use their smartphones.

SEO-Optimized Design

must be optimized for specific phrases and words and have embedded code that Google can read, or it won’t be shown in search results.

Analytics Tracking

or else you can’t improve on what you don’t know.

Google Map Listing

Another name for this is the Google Business Profile (GBP). Your business needs to appear on Google Maps and be claimed under an account you control. Our clients get a lot of business from their map listing.

Our Service Includes:

  • Create a new Google Business Profile
    for your business
  • Optimize the services offered
  • Add geo-tagged images
  • Write Q&As and upload
  • Create a Post that prospects will see

If you are to choose us to handle ranking your website in search results, this is included.

google map listing for medspa marketing

Data Analytics for Medspas

It’s all about ROI, not impressions.

As an owner, you need to make educated business decisions based on data, not guesses. Analytics must be installed on your website to track the activity.

Three important data sets to monitor are:

Phone Calls to Your Business


Completed Contact Forms

Referral Sources

This tells us what drove the traffic that brought you business.

Social Media Branding Package for Medspas

No matter what you personally believe about social media, it works. It works with getting attention, sending traffic to your website, and communicating with prospective clients.

Establish a social media presence based on where your target audience hangs out online. It could be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tik Tok, etc.

You may choose not to have a presence on every channel. It only matters that you use the selected channels and engage with your audience.

What a Branded Social Package May Look Like:


  • Setup Page
  • Create the graphic header
  • Create 5 posts about services
  • About Section
  • Profile Picture

  • Setup Profile
  • Hashtag Research
  • Create posts for 5 services
  • About Section
  • Profile Picture

  • This is good for getting found in Google
  • Setup Profile
  • Create a service board and up to 10 pins representing services

Email Marketing for Medspas

Email Marketing is a Revenue Goldmine!
You may or may not have an email list to start with, and that’s OK. It’s vital to your business to have the ability to collect emails in one place and have automated messages on standby to send out.

There are different email strategies to implement, but the basic one is a newsletter. Make sure your website can collect emails directly to your email software.

We can help you select software, connect it to your CRM and website, and assist with on-going email strategies.

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