What Are The New Twitter “Fleets” And How Can You Utilize Them?

What Are The New Twitter “Fleets” And How Can You Utilize Them?

by | Jul 19, 2021

Twitter, like any social media platform, can be a double-edged sword of sorts. While some might deride the site as toxic and pithy, the fast pace and quick reading lend themselves well to speedy marketing and customer interaction efforts. From small-time bloggers to massive corporations, the site is heavily utilized by all sorts of people and companies. As a result, it needs to update and work to stay relevant by adding features and abilities to help people get the word out even better than before.

Medical Spa Marketing Ideas: Using Twitter

Twitter Fleets

One helpful feature that boosts visibility and creates a more personal relationship with a Twitter base is Twitter Fleets. Twitter Fleets works similar to Instagram Stories in that they stay posted for twenty-four hours, disappear, and can’t be shared. The staying power of Fleets, though limited, can be a definite boost to marketers on Twitter. In addition, fleets creates an air of inclusiveness and intimacy with followers, as only the most dedicated users will be able to catch the Fleets posts in time.

Advertising Boost

Such a potential boost for advertisers and follower interactions should be considered carefully for any company. Twitter Fleets do require a setup to put into action but, once ready, can provide a robust and intimate boost, as well as a personal touch to Twitter-based communication. The twenty-four limit has drawbacks, naturally, but that also means a chance for creative and clever marketing and interaction. Whether it comes from medical spa marketing ideas or a blogger looking to strike out and expand their audience, Twitter Fleets, combined with an existing or up-and-coming Twitter following, can quickly help boost or support such a marketing campaign.

Give It Time

Like any advertising effort, it might take time to get the hand of Fleets. Marketers familiar with Instagram will likely figure it out faster, but it’s pretty easy to figure out for anyone with a Twitter account. Once the initial issues are learned and material created, Fleets is a great way to boost Twitter following and interaction between companies and their base. Videos, stories, and images can all be shared for an enhanced Twitter experience. The time limit might seem like an issue, but it can become a crucial point of new Twitter-based advertising and marketing strategies if carefully plotted and implemented. Those strategies can easily lead to a more substantial follower base and a larger one, which naturally means more customers.

Med Spa Marketing

Are you looking to boost your med spa business? Try adding Twitter Fleets to your list of medical spa marketing ideas. Don’t know how to use Twitter Fleets? Med Spa Marketing can help. We can recommend the best use of this tool to help your business. Call 919-726-4366 and see what we can do for you.

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