How To Use Google Calendar To Boost Your Businesses Productivity And Organization

How To Use Google Calendar To Boost Your Businesses Productivity And Organization

by | Jul 5, 2021

Keeping track of everything a business needs to operate and flow smoothly can take a lot of work. Regardless of the company’s size, it requires paperwork, programs to track communication, and the consistent participation of employees. The bigger the company, the more complex such efforts tend to be. Some programs are more valuable and versatile than others, and Google calendar is one of the best. The features are varied and straightforward to quickly assist any company, from a medical spa marketing plan to a massive corporation.

Medical Spa Marketing Plan: Using Google Calendar

Multiple Calendars

One handy feature is the ability to set up different calendars. A calendar for work duties, crews, groups, or teams can help everyone keep track of their deadlines, ensuring better communication and coordination. The ability to create separate calendars not only helps keep everything balanced, but it’s also great for tracking due dates or time off in multiple areas without making a lot of clutter or crowding the calendar.


Meeting schedules can be organized and coordinated, and it is easier to find times and dates to set up meetings through the calendar. This feature means no more email chains trying to organize meetings because everyone sees the openings in people’s respective calendars.

Not only can meetings be scheduled, but the calendar can also link to Google hangouts to make organizing and engaging even easier. Attachments can be added so that meeting goers will have all the needed materials ahead of time. Of course, attachments can be used for more than just meetings.

World Clock

A world clock feature can be added to Google calendar to assist companies in scheduling meetings across multiple time zones. This feature works well for international companies that have meeting goers in different countries. The ability to schedule, coordinate and even start meetings through the calendar make it an excellent feature for many businesses. Teams can keep track of recurring appointments, deadlines, and PTO (personal time off) schedules. Large companies can streamline their organization through the calendar. Keeping track of people’s schedules is easier and faster.

Organizing and communicating in business doesn’t have to be a series of chain emails and memos. It can be done quickly and efficiently with the right tools. Google Calendar might be the perfect tool for many companies to keep track of workflow and meeting schedules.

Med Spa Marketing

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