Since the onset of COVID-19 and its widespread implications took the world by storm, Med Spas have learned a lesson. The most significant part is the sudden shift from one-on-one patient-provider encounters to the new telehealth model. The change was long overdue, and the pandemic awakened the otherwise overlooked medical tool.

Telehealth has been here for quite some time but was not fully exploited until recently. Of course, the change in approach has also brought multiple issues in the medical services sector to the forefront.


Benefits of telehealth

Telehealth is a healthcare solution where patients meet with the doctor virtually instead of visiting the office. Through telehealth, a patient will be able to do the following;

  • Chat or share images describing their condition with a medical professional
  • Submit a medication list, a list of allergies, ID cards, medical history right through the online portal
  • Pay for the services through the online portal
  • Have a doctor send prescriptions straight to a pharmacy via electronic channels

Why telehealth is important

Telehealth has helped expand medical care and services to a larger community. Office-based medical care can be limited in several ways. A doctor can only manage to see a limited number of patients a day. That means some patients will have to wait for another day to be seen. With telehealth, booking an appointment is less stressful, and the waiting time is nil – since, in most cases, the doctor calls you at a scheduled time.

Serving remote areas

Some patients living in remote parts of the country find it hard to travel long distances searching for medical care. Med Spas are well aware of this; that is why they are implementing all available resources and technologies to make it easy for such patients. The virtual setting comes packed with numerous benefits.

  • A virtual meeting with a doctor ensures that a patient misses less time at work
  • There are fewer disruptions of other responsibilities, such as caregiving for children or elders
  • It eliminates travel expenses and the time-wasted associated with an office visit
  • The patient receives quality health care much quicker
  • The virtual setting protects patients from exposure to contagious diseases

How to register for a telehealth program

The process may vary from provider to provider, but the general method includes:

  • Downloading an App to your phone, computer, or tablet
  • Using the app, register for services
  • Once registered, booking an appointment with the doctor

Telehealth is now the fastest, easiest way to seek healthcare services. In addition, it is less expensive. Having less contact with other patients means no risk of contracting contagious diseases – an essential benefit in these Covid times. This technology is quickly gaining popularity, and its future is bright based on the current data on telehealth engagements.

Med spa marketing

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