The recent crisis has hit every industry across the world in different ways. One of the most heavily affected sectors is health and wellness. After all, a hands-on approach is usually needed for health and wellness services – especially Med Spas. Many businesses in the industry are struggling to provide online healthcare. If your Med Spa business is one of them, here are a few tips to help you keep afloat.

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Video conferencing

Many professionals are offering online services in the form of video conferencing software. Some are opting for the low-tech option and sticking with phone calls. Med Spa services, such as consultations, can efficiently be conducted online or over the phone. Take what services you can do with video conferencing or a phone call, and you’ll ensure that you’re continuing to stay in contact and serve your clients. If you find that most of your services can’t be moved online, perhaps it’s time to consider adding new services that can.


By adding an online store to your website, you’ll add a new revenue stream to your business. Start with the retail versions of products you use in your Med Spa. Then, when you’re ready to expand, add in new products that you may not have sold before. Bonus tip: throw out an e-mail blast to announce the opening of your new store – perhaps offering a promotional coupon for a customer’s first purchase. Products aren’t the only thing you can sell online, however. There is a new and expanding market for knowledge.

Courses & tutorials

The era we live in is called the Information Age. The internet has driven a demand for knowledge. More and more, people are broadening their horizons and taking up new skills. This exploration has been especially true during quarantine when many people are bored and looking for things to do. There are a few ways to sell courses. You can offer synchronous (live) classes that take place through videoconferencing software at set times. Or you can create online courses and deliver them through your website and external websites. The second method is particularly advantageous as once you have developed that asset, you can sell it repeatedly without undertaking more development costs. However, there is absolutely no reason that you couldn’t do both and see what works best for your business.

Medspa marketing

Times are hard for the healthcare industry, especially Med Spas. Many businesses are struggling to figure out how to bring their business online. However, there are a few ways to keep your business steady during this time. Take what services you can to video conferencing software or phone calls. Expand your revenue streams by offering products and classes on your website. You’ll enjoy more stability while waiting for things to go back to normal. Need some ideas or help developing your online healthcare or Med Spa business?  We can help.  

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