MedSpa Marketing Problems & Challenges of 2023

MedSpa Marketing Problems & Challenges of 2023

by | May 23, 2023

MedSpa Marketing Problems & Challenges of 2023


As the Healthcare and Medical Spa industries have been quickly expanding in recent years, now it is more important than ever to captivate new clients searching for your services. 


The first step is to ensure you have a firm grasp of the wants and needs of your target audience. Indeed, there are people out there right now searching for your services. 

But…are they finding your website? Or are they finding your competitors? 

medspa marketing problems and challenges of 2023

A thorough digital marketing plan is a must to stand out from the competition. Carefully crafting a comprehensive marketing strategy will get your brand into the first page of search results. At MedSpa Marketing, we have a team of expert professionals that will custom-tailor a marketing plan to your needs to gain your health or wellness business more attention from potential customers.


There are many marketing challenges and difficulties that medical spa owners and other business owners in the health and wellness industry will likely face in 2023. The way to surpass any challenge with marketing is, first, to be proactive about it. If these are problems or difficulties you have begun experiencing within your company, it is crucial that you figure out why and come up with a solution to overcome them. The best way to get clients through your door is to tackle the marketing challenges you face head-on. 



Challenges Medical Spa Owners Will Likely Face in 2023:


Problem: Your Retail Products Aren’t Selling

Considerations: Have you considered crafting a separate marketing strategy for your retail items? To achieve the best possible results, it is vital to design individualized marketing campaigns specific to each good or service you offer and understand that the target consumers should also be separate.


Problem: Existing Customers Are Failing to Return

Considerations: Are you appealing to your existing customers? Are you showing them that you care? Don’t spend all your advertising on new clients and forget about your current customers. It is actually a relatively cheaper marketing approach with a much higher return. Use email marketing, autoresponders, and content marketing strategies to nurture leads and build lasting customer relationships. This is only the foundation of what you should do for your existing clients. 


medspa marketing problems and challenges of 2023

Problem: You’re Battling Through Intense Competition in a Rapidly Growing Industry

Considerations: First things first, do you actually have an extensive understanding of your target audience? That is just the very first step to standing out in the crowd. If you can’t explain your audience’s questions, needs, and desires in-depth, you will have trouble with everything else beyond that point. To succeed in marketing, you must know how to approach your target audience, motivate them to purchase or book an appointment, ensure they are completely satisfied, and convince them they’ll benefit from each revisit.


Potential Marketing Solutions:


Local Search

If you don’t have an effective Local Search Engine strategy, your MedSpa will most likely remain unnoticed by people in the area who are actively searching for your services. The main objective of Local Search is to connect nearby businesses with local consumers. You will want one of these strategies if you want to prioritize your surrounding audience!



Customers view high rankings on Google as a critical indicator of quality and credibility. In the consumer’s mind, if you are on the first page of Google, your business must be excellent. SEO makes your website appear organically in search results and at no additional cost. A beneficial SEO strategy will have your business appear on the first page of relevant searches, gaining hundreds of potential clicks. 


Google Ads (PPC)

Closely target individuals actively seeking your most profitable services with Paid Search marketing, AKA PPC (Google) Ads. PPC Ads allow your brand to be listed as one of the top options in search engine results and lets your business reach tons of new potential consumers. 


Website Optimization

In this industry, your digital presence is significant. Many of the industry’s customers are finding their next spa or medical cosmetology clinic online. Is your website attractive, cohesive, and also functional? You can’t have just one of these requirements – in our industry, it is crucial to have them all. Is your website loading in under 3 seconds on mobile? 53% of mobile users will click the “back” button if your site takes longer than that to load. You could be losing out on double the amount of qualified leads.

medspa marketing problems and challenges of 2023

Consult our Expert Professionals

At MedSpa Marketing NC, we specialize in the MedSpa industry and know precisely who your target clients are, what they look for, and where they are searching. We are experienced and able to identify the best keywords necessary for success. Experience matters in our industry, and you need a partner who is familiar with it. Put your trust in us – our partnership will save you both time and money. 


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