Marketing Metrics You Need To Be Tracking

Marketing Metrics You Need To Be Tracking

by | Aug 9, 2021

Marketing is a complex process. It requires careful plans, strategies, a good team, and plenty of data. Tracking data and their metrics are vital aspects of marketing, but all data is not the same. Some data is more critical to track and utilize than other information, and it’s essential to know the right ones to follow. Doing so will enable an effective strategy for digital marketing for med spas or any other business.

Digital Marketing: For Med Spas


To properly track marketing data, metrics are needed to keep it organized. Paid metric tracking, like conversion metrics, is beneficial. These metrics track clicks on ads that become customers, a vital tool for determining which ads are effective. Return on ad spending follows the dollar value of advertising expenditures and is a critical tool for assessing the success of different ads and only ad campaigns.


Another vital metric to track is the use and effectiveness of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Knowing which SEO terms generate results is a valuable marketing tool. There are plenty of options to track such information, and most of them are free. There are also metrics to track engagement by potential readers, customers, or clients. Metrics to track click-through traffic and the source of such traffic are also important.


Metrics that rank keywords pair exceptionally well with SEO tracking metrics. Keyword metrics look at the ordering of keywords and their success. Combined with SEO metric tracking, this process can lead to valuable data on which advertising efforts are practical.

Social Media

There are also metrics for social media, most of them related to engagement. These metrics trackers are helpful for a company with an active social media and connected community – bloggers and freelancers can be heavily dependent on them. Tracking post engagement, sources of clicks, and other such data can help a company or freelancer determine the most effective and popular content.

There can be a lot of data collected by companies and freelancers. Tracking that data and making use of it is crucial for resource allocation of advertising revenue. Fortunately, some metric trackers are free, so smaller companies and individuals can use limited marketing budgets better. Marketing metrics are essential but can only be effective if they are adequately tracked and analyzed.

Med Spa Marketing

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