ADA Compliance For Your Website And Why It Matters

ADA Compliance For Your Website And Why It Matters

by | May 3, 2021

It’s essential to make a website as accessible to reach the widest audience possible. Accomplishing this includes adhering to the guidelines and requirements of the American Disabilities Act (ADA). ADA compliance not only increases accessibility for a website, but it’s also a good idea to help avoid litigation issues. Such concerns are especially true in online medical marketing.

Online Medical Marketing: ADA Compliance

Litigation from lack of ADA compliance can happen, and sites, especially sites in the medical fields (medical spas included), should be especially concerned about such problems. While ADA compliance might be complex at first glance, with some effort and proper coding, it can be achieved, thus expanding potential audiences and, as a result, customers.

Besides avoiding potential legal issues, making a site ADA compliant will allow more straightforward navigation for everyone, which means a broader audience in general, and that’s always a good goal for a website’s users. Even simple efforts like including more labels, inline messaging, and pairing images with audio text will go a long way to expanding viewership and working towards ADA compliance. To achieve proper compliance will require further efforts, of course, but the previously mentioned endeavors are a good start.

Keyboard Navigation

Straightforward keyboard navigation is helpful and can benefit everyone. Online medical marketing requires wider availability to be as effective as possible, and compliance will allow that. Such efforts widen inclusiveness and avoid potential legal issues. It makes the site more intuitive and faster to navigate, meaning more users utilizing the site, which means more potential clients and customers.

Compliance Ratings

There are three levels of ADA compliance:

  • Rules that a site must follow
  • Rules that a site should follow
  • Rules that a site may follow

The more compliant a site, the better it’s rated. Higher ratings are often a good idea in medical marketing, so making a site as compliant as possible is always recommended. It can involve a lot of coding and work, but the efforts are well worth making the site as inclusive as possible.

ADA compliance is important not just to avoid potential litigation but, especially in the medical field, it allows the broadest range of audience members possible. Such a wide net is beneficial in marketing, especially medical marketing.

Med Spa Marketing

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