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Medspa Client Acquisition System to Boost Profitability

Medical Spa Marketing Solution

EdgeBoost is a platform designed to attract, capture, and convert prospective new clients to your aesthetic practice using experience, marketing skills, and technology. Instead of guessing where to spend your marketing budget, maximize your marketing. EdgeBoost gives you a flexible roadmap and walks you through strategies that fit your business goals.


Where are your prospective clients online? They could find you online, on social media, or referred by a friend. It’s important to show up where they are looking.


Prospects check you out. Typically, visitors want to know what you offer and what clients are saying about you. Building trust is imperative at this point.


The visitor has taken an action and reached out. It could be by phone, text/SMS, social media messaging, Chatbot, or web form. Your marketing needs to have the right calls to action.

The Medspa Marketing System

1. Identify Where Prospects Are

Position your business on the channels where your target audience can easily find you.

2. Select the mediums by budget & gaps

Choose where to place your business online. Start with the obvious and then add variety.

3. Content that will attract and convert prospects

Improve brand awareness & conversions with engaging videos, articles, and social media.

4. Optimize for mobile conversions

Everything needs to be mobile-friendly to have the best opportunity for conversions.

5. Use Calls to Action that will entice prospects

Well-written sales landing pages with calls to action are designed to capture leads.

6. Communicate right where your prospect is

Convert prospects into leads using Phone, Text/SMS, Chatbot, social media messaging, + more.

7. Turn lead into client with an appointment

Make it easy with a unified messaging system for the staff to schedule appointments easily.

8. Ask for Referral

After becoming a happy client, automate a system for asking who they know.

9. Ask for Review

After becoming a happy client, automate a system for asking for a review.

10. Tracking for ROI

No system will work unless you can track everything and know what is working and what is not working.
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